Get Paid In BUSD


By joining the winning team: 3get3 strategy.
Here is how you can join our winning team: 
Step By Step
βœ… Step 1) Fund your Crypto wallet with 70 BUSD (BEP20) and 0.06 BNB (BSC). Thats a total os $75.
βœ… Step 2)Get instant access to the google form this link here: πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ 
My I have your attention please?🚨 
On the first question of that form: Who Referred you to FORSAGE BUSD 3 Get 3? * 
Since this is a mandatory question your answer should beOrestis
Then continue by inserting your full name, telephone number, and the names of three people you will invite. 
If you don’t have them yet, just leave it blank for now and our team will teach you how to get them, thru trainings and even gift 🎁 them to you if you are not in a rush and can’t get them.
After you are done with your registration with 3get3 strategy please let the coach assigned to you know that you don’t need the Google Form. Because you just completed that task.
βœ… Step 3) Add a Plus (+) sign in the main group of 3get3 strategy.One of the coaches will ask you to private msg them a screenshot of your Crypto wallet funded with BUSD and BNB
βœ… Step 4) Private message that coach your full name and a screenshot of your funded wallet.(Coaches will neither ask you for your Wallet address nor for your 12 Seed phrase or Private key)
βœ… Step 5) Join 3 Get 3 Prospecting Machine here: Click Here To Unveil the power of 3!
βœ… Step 6) Once you got here to the last step be assured that the coach will add you to your Breakout room in telegram. There you will find your upline, yourself and two others will be the downlines. 
*There will also be a coach in the breakout room to facilitate communication.

Show me how to earn from 3 Crypto Coins

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