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All Successful Marketers Has…

Hi everyone

I think you know the one thing every
single successful marketer has in
common right?

Their own products.

It doesn’t matter what others
tell you, the truth is if you want
to be successful YOU MUST be
creating Your own products or

find a way to do so.

Don’t believe me? Go and find me
just one successful marketer online
who doesn’t have their own

As a matter fact

I have something very special to offer

you but not quite yet 😉

And I know you’re thinking “what
about affiliate marketing?” And you
would be right to an extent. It is
possible to make an income from
affiliate marketing, but I
guarantee every successful
affiliate marketer is still
creating their own products.

I know you won’t.

Plus when you’re an affiliate
marketer all of the traffic efforts
come from you. Surely it makes more
sense to be the product creator so
you can get affiliates do the selling for you.

It’s wonderfully simple, but so
many people don’t do it, and do you
want to know why that is? It’s
because they think it’s hard, when
it’s not.

Granted, it’s going to take work,
and most people are too lazy to do
the work. They want everything done
for them, and this is what some
marketers prey on, the easy button
everyone is looking for.

In fact, most wannabe marketers are
spending waaaay to much money on
‘push button’ programs that never

They are caught in an endless cycle
of buying product after product
thinking the next one will be the
one, but it never is.

Want to know who taught me this?

My mentor John Thornhill, and he can teach
you this, and a lot more to boot.

Internet Marketing needn’t be hard,
if you have access to the right

Just get on his training, follow
his blueprint and I promise you
won’t look back, and you can quote
me on that.

All I know that people that they don’t

want to do anything they also have a

pretty good excuse for doing so.

On the other hand the ones who take action they get things done!

Which one are you gonna be?

P.S. Remember when I told you earlier that

I got something very special for you?

Without any further explanation I will give you

the opportunity to have your very own product!

Consider it a gift from John and I.

To your success

Unwrap Your Gift!

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Friday’s Special Offer



We all know how vital traffic to your website can be, if you have one 😉

In a way to thank you all, just for being a regular visitor to my site I decided to put up a contest. Since this is a blog most of the viewers are also bloggers or in the MMO, digital or affiliate marketing, niche.

My site provides various online business opportunities. Since I’ve been thru all the straggles myself, and I know how important traffic can be, I’m here to help.

Since I realize the need of the subject of the matter I want to let you know that I’m working on some pretty cool project that I will let you know about pretty soon…

In order to claim this offer please enter your email below and I will send you your winning offer via email.

This offer is valid January 17, 2020 before 6 or 7 Pm

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Introducing ROI Panel

Allow me to Introduce…

If you are an affiliate marketer you know the importance of having the right tools needed when we run a campaign. 

Recently I’ve made a purchase of $197 and I’ve been amazed by this product. 

Not only trucks my campaignsbut also give me a re-seller license ($977 Value) so I can resell this amazing tool.  

So if you’re ready to become a Super affiliate you need this tool in order turn your advertising efforts into profit, cut the red and grow the green.     

Meaning dump the losing traffic sources and get more from the traffic sources that are making you profit.  

For more details and bonuses on this amazing product and also an opportunity, to sell it over and over again, since the value it’s tremendous for any marketer running ads. 

I will share this with you thru this link

ROI Panel


  •  Tracks Your Visitors, Subscribers, Sales, Upsells, Downsells, Actions, Downloads and Much Much More… All On 1 Dashboard With SIMPLE To Read Stats.
  •  Instantly and Automatically Identifies Your Most Profitable Traffic Sources
  •  Easily Track Your ROI And Cost VS PROFITS To Quickly Identify ULTRA Profitable Traffic Sources!
  •  Full Integration With ALL Funnel X Versions! (Including ROI, Advance, X2 and FX PROJECT)


  •  Intuitive “Beginner Friendly” Design, Have Your FIRST Tracking Link Ready In 60 Seconds!
  •  Create UNLIMITED Tracking Links!
  •  100% Online, Nothing to Download, No Software To Install, Or Break…
  •  INSTANT Set Up! Works With ANY Browser on All Major Operating Systems
  •  1 Click “CLONE LINK” Function (Saves a TON Of Time!)
  •  Fully Adjustable Stats, Add / Edit / Delete Any Record At Any Time To Keep The MOST Accurate Stats On Your Campaign.
  •  Simple 1-Click Sharing To Facebook, Twitter and Email.
  •  “Built For You” and Ready To “Copy & Paste” Tracking Pixels…


  •  1 Full Year Of Support Included With All Plans

Since this was never released to the public before I am opening this up as a special BETA release since the system is still being perfected and developed…

You’ll automatically qualify to receive these updates in your tracking system as soon as they are released.

Using Funnel X ROI (or any other version…?)

Your tracking is ALREADY set up…

Nothing to install…

Nothing to download…

It just works from DAY 1 ready to track your campaigns and give you full clarity on which your most profitable traffic sources are so you can easy scale up…

It just works from DAY 1 ready to track your campaigns and give you full clarity on which your most profitable traffic sources are so you can easy scale up…

VALUE: $3,000


$ 197 / LIFETIME

 3,000 Clicks Per Month Capacity

 Lifetime Updates

 1 Year Support Included!

 3 Months Data Retention

 Re-Seller License Is INCLUDED! ($997 VALUE )


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The First ClickBank Check

The most important day in a person’s life online is 

when they see that first ClickBank sale come in.

The next most important day?

The day you hold that first check from ClickBank in your hands.

That’s the day where you know in your heart…

How do I know? Here is my First ClickBank Check

It’s an online rite of passage. Once that first sale is made, you *know* more sales can quickly follow.

Follow in the Exact Footsteps of PROVEN
7 and 8-Figure ClickBank Winners

From  people in the trenches, doing it every day.

It is critical to your online success you’re shown specially what’s working now.

Because until CBU, despite the seemingly endless procession of gurus out there, there was no single reputable source for the latest in how to launch a ClickBank-based business.

That’s why we decided to create our own. So you’d have the very best information. Information that’s dependable, reliable and trustworthy.


What’s Working Now

The second most important reason this was created
is because the Internet is constantly changing. It’s evolving.

It’s very important to your online success.

That way, you avoid a huge amount of trial and error. You eliminate the frustration of things not working as expected and you make a huge shortcut to the learning curve.

Now, with the launch CBU 2.0, we’ve performed a major upgrade. We’ve ‘levelled up’.

So many things have changed. That’s why we’re constantly improving what’s already working and making it 10X better.

Yes! I Want This!

If you want the latest up to date strategies, methods and tactics for you build your ClickBank business rapidly.

Your First ClickBank Sale… a Reality

It all starts with one sale. Just ONE.

That one sale represents so much…

  • A new life full of unlimited potential
  • Waking up everyday excited about your new business
  • The pride and prestige of being your own boss
  • Freedom to work when and where you want

These are just some of the benefits that those first small sales represent.

In no time at all, a stream of sales can follow.
Unleashing a FLOOD of sales soon after.

Join The Fully Upgraded ClickBank University 2.0

  • 8-Week Affiliate + 12-Week Vendor Class
  • Bi-Weekly Expert Classes
  • Specially Curated Add-on Trainings
  • CBU Toolkit and Traffic Center
  • Massive Discounts on our Favorite Tools
  • Live Events for a Fraction of the Price
  • AND The Exclusive ClickBank University Community
  • And Surprise bonuses

Yes, please give me access to ClickBank University Live which is 1 live training webinar per week to get all your questions answered by Adam, & Justin so you never fall behind! Then only $47/month afterwards! (Highly Recommended)


  • 30-Day Guarantee
  • Exclusive Community
  • Instant Access

Special Curated Add-on Trainings

We’ll also be training you in specific, targeted strategies to help you focus on a specific area of marketing.

It may be video marketing, copywriting or marketing on Facebook.

Each training will stack onto your learning, training and ultimately, your success.

You’ll learn from experts like:

  • Gary VaynerchuckCo-Founder & CEO, VaynerMediaFresh out of college, Gary took his family wine business and grew it from a $3M to a $60M business in just five years. Now he runs VaynerMedia, one of the world’s hottest digital agencies.Along the way he became a prolific investor in Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Uber, and Birchbox before eventually co-founding VaynerRSE, a $25M investment fund.
  • Abel JamesFeatured on ABC’s My Diet is Better Than Yours,
    New York Times Bestselling Author, ClickBank
    Platinum ClientAbel is the creator of
    award-winning #1 rated Podcast The Fat Burning Man Show and has turned his knowledge of health and fitness into a full blown business for himself.Abel has been featured on People, USA Today, Forbes, Fox News, NPR, and ABC.
  • Matt O’ConnorWorld-Class Direct Response
    Copywriter And Conversions ExpertMatt’s clients include huge brands like AWeber and QuickSprout while also the copywriter behind the biggest number of launches on ClickBank reaching Page #1 of the ClickBank marketplace. It’s an admirable achievement.Some of the top marketers like Neil Patel, Mike Geary, John Romaniello, Drew Canole, Jon Rowley, Ramit Sethi and more, look to him for his expertise on turning visitors into customers on their sales pages.

PLUS: You’ll Get Even More
Bonuses to Guarantee Your Success

Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion

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