Hey it’s Gabriel here! Nice to have you here!

Orestis blog is being created 4 Various Online Business Opportunities, where marketers and business owners are coming on a daily basis to receive valuable marketing information on topics such as internet marketing, lead generation, digital marketing, email marketing, traffic generation, blogging and much more.

A lit a bit about me: I’m originally from Greece and my Greek name is Orestis which is also my middle name.  So my full name is Gabriel Orestis Geamanu and for the last twenty years  I live in USA.

My online business started from an accident I had last year at work on May 23 of 2018.    I got injured on my back and i went thru a lots of pain both physical and emotional.


Even today Im still trying and fighting my pain, somedays are better than others, but I have to admit that I felt in love with digital marketing and with all that time I have now, still is not enough, just because I’m enjoying myself to much!


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     kind regards