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Introducing ROI Panel

Allow me to Introduce…

If you are an affiliate marketer you know the importance of having the right tools needed when we run a campaign. 

Recently I’ve made a purchase of $197 and I’ve been amazed by this product. 

Not only trucks my campaignsbut also give me a re-seller license ($977 Value) so I can resell this amazing tool.  

So if you’re ready to become a Super affiliate you need this tool in order turn your advertising efforts into profit, cut the red and grow the green.     

Meaning dump the losing traffic sources and get more from the traffic sources that are making you profit.  

For more details and bonuses on this amazing product and also an opportunity, to sell it over and over again, since the value it’s tremendous for any marketer running ads. 

I will share this with you thru this link

ROI Panel


  •  Tracks Your Visitors, Subscribers, Sales, Upsells, Downsells, Actions, Downloads and Much Much More… All On 1 Dashboard With SIMPLE To Read Stats.
  •  Instantly and Automatically Identifies Your Most Profitable Traffic Sources
  •  Easily Track Your ROI And Cost VS PROFITS To Quickly Identify ULTRA Profitable Traffic Sources!
  •  Full Integration With ALL Funnel X Versions! (Including ROI, Advance, X2 and FX PROJECT)


  •  Intuitive “Beginner Friendly” Design, Have Your FIRST Tracking Link Ready In 60 Seconds!
  •  Create UNLIMITED Tracking Links!
  •  100% Online, Nothing to Download, No Software To Install, Or Break…
  •  INSTANT Set Up! Works With ANY Browser on All Major Operating Systems
  •  1 Click “CLONE LINK” Function (Saves a TON Of Time!)
  •  Fully Adjustable Stats, Add / Edit / Delete Any Record At Any Time To Keep The MOST Accurate Stats On Your Campaign.
  •  Simple 1-Click Sharing To Facebook, Twitter and Email.
  •  “Built For You” and Ready To “Copy & Paste” Tracking Pixels…


  •  1 Full Year Of Support Included With All Plans

Since this was never released to the public before I am opening this up as a special BETA release since the system is still being perfected and developed…

You’ll automatically qualify to receive these updates in your tracking system as soon as they are released.

Using Funnel X ROI (or any other version…?)

Your tracking is ALREADY set up…

Nothing to install…

Nothing to download…

It just works from DAY 1 ready to track your campaigns and give you full clarity on which your most profitable traffic sources are so you can easy scale up…

It just works from DAY 1 ready to track your campaigns and give you full clarity on which your most profitable traffic sources are so you can easy scale up…

VALUE: $3,000


$ 197 / LIFETIME

 3,000 Clicks Per Month Capacity

 Lifetime Updates

 1 Year Support Included!

 3 Months Data Retention

 Re-Seller License Is INCLUDED! ($997 VALUE )


Increase Profit Effortlessly With Your Online Campaigns


“FINALLY! A Fully Automated Way To UNCOVER YOUR Most PROFITABLE Traffic Sources!”
Super Affiliate Reveals His Secret “Profit Vision” Tool That Helped Him Become a SIX FIGURE PER MONTH Online Earner.

Dear friend,

ALL super affiliates have one thing in common…

…here it is:

To turn advertising into profit you have to “CUT THE RED AND GROW THE GREEN”

In plain English it means:

DUMP the losing traffic sources…

…and GET MORE from the traffic sources that are making a PROFIT.

Pretty simple right?

Now imagine if you had a tool, a simple secret tool that automatically did this FOR YOU.

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