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Future’s Marketing Automation

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Easy Hundreds

Could You Use An Extra $3,000 Per Month?

Receive Instant $100 Payments From $100 Sales With More $100 Payments Coming To You Free

Forget the numerical hocus-pocus with which many advertisers pretend you’ll get rich in an imaginary future if you first make money mostly for other people.

With us you get real income right from the start. Just follow easy directions and $100 payments flow in, ready for you to spend. Then see that flow become a flood as members below you generate more $100 payments for you.                 

“The money adds up fast when you get $100 at a time. Just one payment a day gives you $3,000 per month.”

What Makes It So Easy?

The Easy Hundreds System combines 5 factors that have never before been brought together into one system. People thought it was impossible. Yet here it is.

One-Time Payment – There is no monthly purchase requirement and no recurring fees. You begin by buying a $100 product and paying a $10 one-time administration fee. You get $100 back on your very first sale.

Instant 100% Commission – The whole $100 is paid to you instantly on every sale except your second one. All orders are filled for you at no charge. Your very first sale returns your initial $100. Your second sale and new member is passed up to your sponsor. After that, all $100 payments and new members go to you every time.

All Selling Done For You – You do not have to talk to anyone or write to anyone. Our magnetic web pages provide your prospects with all necessary details and close sales without your help. All customer service is done for you, and so is training of new members. You simply send prospects to any of the web pages we provide.

Income From The Work Of Others – You receive $100 over and over from a single $100 sale. After you recruit a new member, he passes his second $100 sale and its new member up to you. That 2nd new member passes his 2nd $100 sale and its new member up to you. That 3rd new member does the same, and the repeating cycle of income and new members continues.

A Flood Of Ongoing Income – Imagine having 10 or 20 or more chains of $100 payments and new members coming to you. That’s ongoing income at no cost and with no work. Each repeating cycle of free $100 payments and new members keeps going until a new member quits before making 2 sales. Because the program costs nothing to stay in, nobody is forced to quit to save money.

Let me give you an example to demonstrate how the Easy Hundreds System works.


Oscar’s Easy Hundreds

 Oscar is not overly ambitious. He just returned after 6 years in college during which time he earned a degree in park management.

He’d like to take a year off to rest up from all the partying, but his parents say that if he’s going to live in their basement and eat their food, he needs to contribute something to the family income.

Besides, he owes about $50,000 on student loans and needs to start making payments.

Oscar decides our program sounds easier than anything else, so he pays the $10 administration fee and borrows $100 to buy the product. He sets himself the easy goal of referring enough people to the web site to make one sale per week.

Oscar tells his friends to take a look at the program online. Within a week he gets $100 from a sale to Mary. He pays back the $100 he borrowed to get started.

He gets another sale the following week. According to the program rules, his second sale is passed up to his sponsor. Every sale after that brings him $100 and a new member.

In his 3rd week, Oscar gets $100 from a sale to John. Ambitious people can make sales a lot faster than that, but Oscar isn’t very ambitious. For this example, I’ll assume that the members below him are just as slow at referring new prospects.

That same week is Mary’s 2nd week after starting. She gets her second sale and it is passed up to Oscar. He gets the $100 and the new member, whose name is Robert.

In his 4th week, Oscar gets a sale to Susie. In his 5th week, he gets a sale to Chris. That week is John’s 2nd week after joining, and his second sale is passed up to Oscar. It’s also Robert’s 2nd week and his second sale is passed up to Oscar. For the week, Oscar gets $100 from his own sale and $200 from sales that are passed up to him.

There’s a pattern here. Oscar had one sale passed up to him in his 3rd week. He had two passed up to him in his 5th week. He’ll have 3 passed up to him in his 7th week. The number of $100 payments and new members passed up to him grows by one every two weeks.

At that rate, Oscar would have one sale of his own in his 13th week and 6 sales passed up to him. His income would average $100 per day even though his easygoing advertising efforts never brought in more than one new member per week. All the other $100 payments are from customers who were recruited by members below him.

Oscar Gets Inspired

Oscar doesn’t wait until his 13th week to make a change. After his 9th week, he realizes that he’d like to get a lot more out of life than just living above the poverty level. He hadn’t paid attention to the program’s higher priced products. He is only qualified to sell products priced up to $100, the price of the product he purchased. When one of his prospects buys a more expensive product, the sale and the new member goes right past Oscar and up to his sponsor, who is qualified at all levels.


You have to buy a product before you can become qualified to sell it. If you skip any price levels, you get those products free and are qualified to sell them without having to give up your second sale.

Oscar decides to skip $250 and $500 and move up to the $1,000 level. He pays the $100 administration fee and buys the $1,000 product. He then can receive 10 times as much money in a single sale.

That inspires him to get serious about making money. He invests in some easy advertising methods and soon moves up to the highest level where he can receive $2,000 payments in addition to the smaller ones.

Within a few months, Oscar moves into a luxury apartment, buys a new BMW sport utility vehicle, and crosses “get a job” off his “to do” list. Within a year, his student loan was paid off and he was saving money to buy a house.

Disclaimer: A constant sales rate was assumed in order to have numbers to illustrate the amazing effect of the brilliant yet simple compensation plan. Oscar’s story should not be taken as an indication of how much money you will make. In actual practice, some members do not make 2 sales while others make them much faster than one a week.

Imagine Never Again Worrying About Not Having Enough Money

Finally you have a practical way to attain the wealthy lifestyle you’re always wanted. Our approach is far easier than the niche marketing methods that marketing “experts” promote to beginners and far easier than the usual network marketing programs and practices.

  • You do not have to explain anything to anyone.
  • You do not have to set up anything online.
  • You do not have to write or answer any emails.
  • You do not have to build an email list.
  • You do not have to make or answer any phone calls.

Each $100 sale you make can pay you $100 over and over as your new member and those after him pass their second $100 sale up to you. No commission rate can beat that and nobody can pay you faster than instantly at the time of sale.

Get Started Today

You pay nothing to use the Easy Hundreds System, but you have to be at the $100 level (Elevation Elite) in Easy 1-Up to take advantage of it.

Click the SEE FOR YOURSELF Button below to go to the Easy 1-Up web site where you can see the company video and the list of tutorial videos that you get. When you join at the Elevation Elite ($100) level, you also get the products from the lower ($25) level free, so you can get paid on that level as well.

If the navigation menu is not showing, click on the menu icon  at the top of the page to view the menu. Click on “Join” to reach the registration form. Complete and submit the form. Choose the Elevation Elite ($100) product. Pay the company the $10 administrative fee. Then pay your sponsor for the product. You can use the Easy Hundreds System no matter who your sponsor is.


with Easy Hundreds.

After you join Easy 1-Up and buy the $100 product, go to the Free Income Machine and use the link on the Profile page to register in the Easy Income Team. Your Easy Hundreds instructions are in the member area in the Easy Income Team web site. If you are not yet a member of the Free Income Machine, you can join after joining Easy 1-Up, or you can join right now here: Free Income Machine It’s free, and no upgrade is required to use the Easy Hundreds System.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I know this is legitimate and will last?

A. Easy 1-Up is part of Multiplex Systems, which is headquartered in New York. The company has a 20-year track record of success. It’s programs have over 2 million paid members worldwide. Peter Wolfing, the company’s CEO, is a best-selling author and a well-known speaker in the network marketing field.

Q. How long does it usually take for a member to be making $10,000 per month?

A. There is such wide variation among people and their circumstances that it’s impossible to have a meaningful number for average income. Looking at how much money other members make does not tell you anything about how much money you will make.

Q. If I join Easy 1-Up at the $100 level, can I move up to a higher level later?

A. Yes. You can move up to a higher level any time by paying the administration fee and purchasing the product at that level. You also can start at a higher price level, in which case you get all of the products below your purchase price level for free, and you are fully qualified to sell them without giving up your 2nd sale. You can promote the higher priced products in Easy 1-Up in the usual way while you also offer “Easy Hundreds” to prospects who have a limited budget and want to do network marketing the easy way.

Q. I’m already in Easy 1-Up. Can I still take part in the Easy Hundreds System?

A. Yes. Use of the Easy Hundreds System is free for all Free Income Machine members regardless of their E1U sponsor or what product price level they are qualified for. The Free Income Machine will automatically promote Easy 1-Up and Easy Hundreds for you to your sponsored Free Income Machine members.

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Second tier commissions also count towards earning bonuses. For example, if you have earned $330 and you get a second tier commission of $20, you will get the additional $50 for reaching the first bonus threshold.


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