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The First ClickBank Check

The most important day in a person’s life online is 

when they see that first ClickBank sale come in.

The next most important day?

The day you hold that first check from ClickBank in your hands.

That’s the day where you know in your heart…

How do I know? Here is my First ClickBank Check

It’s an online rite of passage. Once that first sale is made, you *know* more sales can quickly follow.

Follow in the Exact Footsteps of PROVEN
7 and 8-Figure ClickBank Winners

From  people in the trenches, doing it every day.

It is critical to your online success you’re shown specially what’s working now.

Because until CBU, despite the seemingly endless procession of gurus out there, there was no single reputable source for the latest in how to launch a ClickBank-based business.

That’s why we decided to create our own. So you’d have the very best information. Information that’s dependable, reliable and trustworthy.


What’s Working Now

The second most important reason this was created
is because the Internet is constantly changing. It’s evolving.

It’s very important to your online success.

That way, you avoid a huge amount of trial and error. You eliminate the frustration of things not working as expected and you make a huge shortcut to the learning curve.

Now, with the launch CBU 2.0, we’ve performed a major upgrade. We’ve ‘levelled up’.

So many things have changed. That’s why we’re constantly improving what’s already working and making it 10X better.

Yes! I Want This!

If you want the latest up to date strategies, methods and tactics for you build your ClickBank business rapidly.

Your First ClickBank Sale… a Reality

It all starts with one sale. Just ONE.

That one sale represents so much…

  • A new life full of unlimited potential
  • Waking up everyday excited about your new business
  • The pride and prestige of being your own boss
  • Freedom to work when and where you want

These are just some of the benefits that those first small sales represent.

In no time at all, a stream of sales can follow.
Unleashing a FLOOD of sales soon after.

Join The Fully Upgraded ClickBank University 2.0

  • 8-Week Affiliate + 12-Week Vendor Class
  • Bi-Weekly Expert Classes
  • Specially Curated Add-on Trainings
  • CBU Toolkit and Traffic Center
  • Massive Discounts on our Favorite Tools
  • Live Events for a Fraction of the Price
  • AND The Exclusive ClickBank University Community
  • And Surprise bonuses

Yes, please give me access to ClickBank University Live which is 1 live training webinar per week to get all your questions answered by Adam, & Justin so you never fall behind! Then only $47/month afterwards! (Highly Recommended)


  • 30-Day Guarantee
  • Exclusive Community
  • Instant Access

Special Curated Add-on Trainings

We’ll also be training you in specific, targeted strategies to help you focus on a specific area of marketing.

It may be video marketing, copywriting or marketing on Facebook.

Each training will stack onto your learning, training and ultimately, your success.

You’ll learn from experts like:

  • Gary VaynerchuckCo-Founder & CEO, VaynerMediaFresh out of college, Gary took his family wine business and grew it from a $3M to a $60M business in just five years. Now he runs VaynerMedia, one of the world’s hottest digital agencies.Along the way he became a prolific investor in Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Uber, and Birchbox before eventually co-founding VaynerRSE, a $25M investment fund.
  • Abel JamesFeatured on ABC’s My Diet is Better Than Yours,
    New York Times Bestselling Author, ClickBank
    Platinum ClientAbel is the creator of
    award-winning #1 rated Podcast The Fat Burning Man Show and has turned his knowledge of health and fitness into a full blown business for himself.Abel has been featured on People, USA Today, Forbes, Fox News, NPR, and ABC.
  • Matt O’ConnorWorld-Class Direct Response
    Copywriter And Conversions ExpertMatt’s clients include huge brands like AWeber and QuickSprout while also the copywriter behind the biggest number of launches on ClickBank reaching Page #1 of the ClickBank marketplace. It’s an admirable achievement.Some of the top marketers like Neil Patel, Mike Geary, John Romaniello, Drew Canole, Jon Rowley, Ramit Sethi and more, look to him for his expertise on turning visitors into customers on their sales pages.

PLUS: You’ll Get Even More
Bonuses to Guarantee Your Success

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